Spoken Word Folk Magic Audio Project Launch … Can you help support us?

by Scott

Well, it is finally here! I’m really proud to announce the launch of our spoken word Scottish Folk Magic audio project – Tales of the Taibhsear* and you can be part of it by helping us reach our very modest funding goal on our kickstarter campaign here.

Please support our spoken word kickstarter campaign 

A select group of us have been meeting together in various dens of ill-repute through the dark months of the year. Joking, planning and organising with tea, whisky and mirth on our lips to fashion a homunculus of ideas.  With new growth starting to emerge through the hard as ice soil across Scotland we figured it was time to bring the idea into the light. After months of planning I am proud. anxious and excited to watch it emerge from the under-world of our collective imaginations and be birthed into the world as a spoke word project.

It’s taken a while to get to this stage. Finding the perfect folk has been a crooked, and sometimes misleading path. After a few false starts, I feel we finally have an amazing team. We needed to make sure the people involved had the right ethics, approach to the process and have a passion for the folk tales and folk magic of Scotland. It is their passion and enthusiasm  which will enable us to bring old, and at times academic, research to life.  Amanda Edminston (a lovely & slightly bonkers story teller found at Botanica Fabula story Telling) and Debbie Armour (a talented and fierce Gaelic Singer) have joined with myself to reinvigorate and breathe much needed new life into the written world of Scottish folk magic. We hope this project will be the start of our community reclaiming these charms for future generations.

A share of the  profit from the project will  go towards a fund to host Scottish folk traditions and folk magic conferences and events across Scotland. So you could be at the start of something big if you can help us in return for some pledge rewards.

Deep down though I’m anxious. For a number of reasons. I  never really wanted to associate my real life name and work with the writing and the research I do. There are too many people who seek self aggrandisement, to become names in a field such as this. I only want a simple life. I enjoy the anonymity of a nomme-de-plume and wanted the writing to just stand up to itself, without a name attached. This project has meant a change in that. I’ve had a lot of soul searching to do but Kickstarter projects demand transparency of creator and name. So, I’ve had to be brave about associating myself with these ideas in the public domain. We are also asking you to support a project financially, so transparency is important. So you can now see who is on the other side if you so wish. I have updated my about me page to reflect this if you’d like to know a little more.

I’m also anxious because I’m a writer and not a tv presenter! I do a lot of public presentation but there’s something about TV that hates me! I always look and sound somewhat weird on video. So if you want to see me being that weird awkward turtle just check the video link above and have at it.

Tales of the Taibhhsear – scottish spoken word folk magic album help us reach our funding goal. from scott read on Vimeo.

All being said I’m excited that you’ve read this far and hope that you will be interested in helping fund us.

There is a lot more about this project on the kickstarter page you can find here


*”Taibhhsear”  (pronounced tive’sher) is the Scottish Gaelic title given to one who can see spirits of the dead – literally ghost seer. Capturing the essence of this  spoken word album project. This is not a title we refer to ourselves with. It’s a title earned from your community and not something you can choose to just name yourself. Its origin is ancient. 

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Caroline Shaw Ometz 10th February 2018 - 5:17 pm

How do I get on your email list?

Cailleachs son 11th February 2018 - 12:58 pm

HI Caroline,

There is a newsletter sign up page on the right hand side of the landing page you can find here https://cailleachs-herbarium.com. Look for a wee box on the right hand side of the screen on a desktop :)


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