Dreaming Bread and Skyrie Stanes: A Celebration of Scottish Folk Magic and Community Traditions 11th of November 2018 – Edinburgh

by Scott
Dreaming Bread Snd Skyrie Stanes Tales of The Taibhsear launch event

Tales of the Taibhsear spoken word album is ever nearing completion and this has been a task in the making! Our focus over the last few week has been in bringing to life our launch event called “Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes”.

A day-long celebration of Scottish Folk magic, lore, legends and community traditions.

Dreaming Bread and Skyrie Stones is Hosted by the Tales of the Taibhsear Collective: Researcher Scott Richardson-Read Cailleach’s Herbarium, Storyteller Amanda Edmiston and Musician Debbie Armour. The event ties in with the launch of our spoken word album of stories and charms: Tales of the Taibhsear.

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The day will bring together academics, storytellers, artists and specialists from diverse fields including folklore, animism, the fairy faith, herbalism and traditional crafts on Old Halloween to share their knowledge through performances, presentations and workshops and give participants a chance to engage with and enjoy a glimpse into the everyday enchantment to be found in Scotlands traditions and lore.

Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes | Tales of the Taibhsear Album launch

We will be live streaming the Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes main speakers. The link for this will follow and be released to kickstarter backers meaning folk who backed the project from other countries can log in and have a watch! Provided by Channel 7 live streaming company. 

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Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes includes contributions from :

  • The Tales of The Taibhsear Collective celebrating the release of the spoken word album with some of the stories and songs surrounding this collection of folk magic lore


  • Dr Julian Goodare – “Scotlands Visionaries” A lecturer since the early 90’s and currently Professor of History at Edinburgh University. Dr Goodare has written numerous books on the subject of Scottish witchcraft belief and fairy lore and created the Scottish Survey of Witchcraft. Dr Goodare is a prolific researcher and commentator in Scottish folk belief and witchcraft and is currently co-editing a book entitled the Demonology and Witch-Hunting in Early Modern Europe, and a book called The Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland.
  • Dr Valentina Bold – ” For God’s Sake Protect me” a presentation on magical swords and Mythical Stories from Dr Bold a principal knowledge exchange fellow at Strathclyde University and highly respected researcher in the fields of literature, ethnology/folklore and history, with a focus on Scottish cultural heritage.


  • Ross parish – “Traditions and customs of healing and holy wells in Scotland“. Ross has been exploring holy and healing wells, their history and traditions across the globe he has published 10 books on the subject, various articles, given numerous talks and blogs about them on insearchofholywellandhealingsprings.com. He is currently researching the global distribution of rag wells, the most notable being Scotlands own Clootie Well near Inverness.
  • Scott Richardson-Read  – “Skyrie Stanes and the Sìth“. Researcher and writer for the Cailleach’s Herbarium and currently signed to Beul Airthis publishing. Scott will be discussing Scottish folk magic with a particular emphasis on Skyrie Stanes taken from the 17th century witch trials and the influence of the good folk in Scotland.


  • Jess Smith exploring Travelling culture with stories, song and an introduction to our showing of the film ‘A Sense of Identity’.
    Jess, Scottish traveller, professional storyteller and author of best-selling books on her communities tales, traditions and culture including ‘Way of the Wanderers’ and ‘Sooking Berries’ will also be sharing news of the campaign to safeguard the Tinkers Heart: a space sacred to Scotlands Travelling people in Argyll.
  • Claire Hewitt exploring the “Tales of Bears, Island culture and Folk Tales”. Claire is fantastic storyteller who has always looked to travelling and tribal peoples of the Earth for inspiration, and it is their tales, myths, and legends she tells, interwoven with song, and music from her Celtic harp. Passing on stories from all traditions, spinning the yarn and weaving the tale for all ages to experience, take with them and share, Claire is committed to continuing the rich oral tradition, her session takes inspiration from her collaborative and well researched work finding story connections between Scotland and the Sami traditions and draws on our lost bear stories.
  • Amanda Edmiston, Botanica fabula, is a professional storyteller and artist with a background in herbal medicine, she researches, writes and creates immersive work combining plant-lore, traditional stories and plant use. Her workshop ‘Dreaming Bread and other recipes for Enchantment ties in with her current storytelling performance on folklorist, recipe collector and suffragette F.Marian McNeill and her year long storytelling and herbal lore project A Kist in Thyme which collected memories from rural communities and archive material in Tobar an Dualchais.


  • Rookery Mead exploring iron age mead making techniques
  • Radical Herbal Network/Grass Roots Remedies demonstrating herbal medicine and discussing its modern use in communities in Scotland.
  • Folklore Thursday: A social media fireside for sharing the magic of folklore in the everyday, an interactive look at the global folklore community with #FolkloreThursday editor Amelia Starling.
  • Elinor Predota exploring Scottish folk weather magic

With much more still to be announced!!

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At the end of the event there will be a chance for you to experience the Tales of the Taibhsear album in an informal setting with Mead provided by Rookery Mead and plenty of chance for a good blether.

We are also selling tickets through the Scottish Story Telling Centre www.scottishstorytellingcentre.co.uk and we look forward to seeing you all at Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes.

Following the Dreaming bread and Skyrie Stanes event we have a celebration with band Ex Reverie singing songs from their upcoming album based on the life of Isobel Gowdie and the enchanting Debbie Armour performing songs inspired by Scotland at Henrys Cellar Bar, Edinburgh. These tickets are available separately from Brown paper tickets. (link to follow)

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