Peace Tea Recipe and Gaelic Prayer for peace- For world peace day

by Scott

Trying to find a moment’s peace. Well, that’s trick in itself for most of us. Trying to find a time for ourselves, to relax and just be peaceful is a gift for most parents and busy folk these days. But non the less peace is important both at home and globally. There is so much tension in the world these days.  We could all use a little peace & quiet.  A little respite and repose. What better day to celebrate peace, both at hearth and home and across the world than on the International Day of Peace today (21st September) with a cup of peace tea and a Gaelic Peace prayer..

To help  celebrate today and perhaps bring a little calm into our lives. I formulated this wee herbal blend for peace tea. A little quiet rite in a cup. A small nod to peace from the plant kingdom. A small gesture of peace to the Púca’s (Irish for spirits) and the Aos Sídhe as we step into the equinox. I’ve included the Morrigan’s prophecy/prayer for the Gaelic polytheists or others who maybe interested. It’s part of three pronounced at the battle of Moytura by the Morrigan. (You can find out more on the amazing  Story Archeologists website – the last prayer or prophecy she uttered is a dire warning indeed). There is also a tea formulated for the resistance fighters amongst us.

Recipe is found after the prayer. How you use it is up to you.

Gaelic Peace Prayer – The Morrigan’s Prayer

Sith co nem Peace to [the] heaven[s],
[NOTE: Síd = peace & Síd = faery – most likely same root]
Nem co doman. Heaven to [the] world / earth
Doman fo ním, Earth under sky / heavens
nert hi cach, Strength in each.
án for_lann, Cup on a plate
lan do mil, Full of honey
mid co saith. Mead to [one’s] satisfaction
Sam hi ngam, Summer in winter
gai for sciath, Spear upon a shield
sciath for durnd. Shield upon a fist
Dunad lonn_garg; Blade-bristling fort
longa(i)t(-) trom_foíd Consumption of solid earth
fod di uí Rights of [the] grandchildren [descendents]
ross for_biur Forest on a point
benna a_bu Horns from a cow
airbe im_etha. Encircling fence {?}
Mess for crannaib, Mast upon trees
craob do scis Weary [its] bough
scis do áss Weary from growth
saith do mac Wealth for a boy
mac for muin, Boy on a neck
[NOTE: “Macc for muin” is also a food-portion or ration, deemed proper for a free person.]
muinel tairb Neck of a bull
tarb di arccoiBull from[?] a watch-dog
odhb do crann, Knot for [on] a tree
crann do ten. Tree for fire
Tene a nn-ail. Fire from a stone
Ail a n-uír Stone from earth
uích a mbuaib [Young?] from cows
boinn a mbru. Cows from a womb
Brú la_fefaid [River-]Bank with birdsong
oss_glas iaer errach, Grey deer before spring
foghamar for_asit etha. Autumn whence grows corn
Iall do tir, Flock [of birds, warriors, people] for [the] land
tir co trachd Land [extending] to the shore
la feabraeWith sharp edges
Bid_ruad rossaib síraib rith_már, The great run {time} to the eternal woods / promontory will be fierce
‘Nach scel laut?’ “Have you any story?”
Sith co nemh, Peace to the heavens
bid_sirnae .s[ith].’ It will be eternal peace.

Enjoy your peace tea!

Suaimhneach Tea (Peacefulness Tea)

Serves: 2 cups Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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  • 1pt Chamomile
  • 1pt spearmint
  • 1pt hawthorn
  • 1pt rose petals
  • 1/2pt skullcap
  • 1/2pt Passion flower


Peace tea - Gaelic peace prayer

Herb tea with chamomile

Use a teaspoon for one part (pt listed as above) of each ingredient and mix together make enough to brew two cupfuls.
Once mixed together add about a tablespoon (or to taste) into a tea strainer and cover with boiling hot water.
Leave for a minimum of 5 mins to brew (see notes below) covered with a lid.

The tea should become a rich yellow/brown colour and have floral menthol nose with menthol, fruit, rich mid taste and lightly bitter after taste.

Add honey to taste, especially if your not a fan of a bitter taste.


You might want to leave it less time or longer depending on how bitter you like your brew. Chamomile, Skull cap and Passion Flower are bitter. The longer you leave it the more bitter it will become. The bitter action helps to reconnect us with our bodies but also the "medicine" quality of the herbs is within bitter principles of the plant so can't really be avoided I'm afraid.


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Sharon Innis 23rd September 2017 - 10:37 pm

This looks lovely. I was wondering what pt stood for. Thanks

Cailleachs son 26th September 2017 - 8:38 am

So sorry sharon, it stands for part :) So you would use an equal measure to create the recipe being one part. So it could be a teaspoon, table spoon or cup depending how much you want to make. Parts are really a way of expressing a ratio. SO if you fancied just making about two cups i would suggest sticking to teaspoons as your part measure. Hope that makes sense?


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