Interview Guising traditions : A deeper dive into skekling and Skellers with Professor Terry Gunnell

by Scott
Professor Terry Gunnell

Recently I have had the pleasure of speaking to the ever hospitable Professor Terry Gunnell at Iceland’s University all about Guising, Skekling and skeklers.

As part of the Taibhsear Collective I had the pleasure of hosting him at our event in 2019 exploring this topic and thought it would be a good idea to follow up with him about some of the topics he wasn’t able to cover in much detail on the day.

In the podcast episode we pick on a few themes form his original talk. Such as a brief synopsis of Guising and skekling, an exploration of the mythic characters associated with this Samhuinn to almost easter time activity, those who hold the law and the lore of these practices, how guising and other folk traditions can become heritage which changes their character to discussions of sacred hospitality and satire.

Listen to the Episode

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You can see Professor Terry Gunnels original presentation below. Filmed live at the Scottish Story Telling Centre in Edinburgh.

Professor Terry Gunnell speaking at Skeklers 2019 in Edinburgh

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